MODULE 2: Finding Your Message

MODULE 2: Finding Your Message
How to use Module 2
5 mins
Where Do I Start? - Ask the right questions
8 mins
Survey Questions Worksheet
31.8 KB
Surveys - What to say (and how to say it) to find deeper reasons
10 mins
Survey Goals Cheatsheet
224 KB
On-site Polls - Learn what works and what doesn't on your page
5 mins
Review Mining - Listen to what your prospects are saying
4 mins
Competitor Review Mining Worksheet
30.6 KB - Optimize pages by watching people use them
3 mins
Interviews - Explore deep motivators with first hand emotion
5 mins
Pre-interview Checklist - 10XLP.pdf
236 KB
Interview Talking Points - 10XLP.pdf
49.4 KB
End-of-module exam
Bonus: Letter-writing exercise, part 1
7 mins
Bonus: Letter-writing exercise, part 2
5 mins